Scuba Tank Fill Prices

Aquatic Safaris maintains air and nitrox systems which allows us to fill scuba cylinders with Grade E Oxygen Compatible Air and Grade E Oxygen Compatible Nitrox. Gas samples are sent for analysis quarterly. We bank 5900 cuft of air and 5900 cuft of 36% Nitrox.

All cylinders must be in good working order with current VIP’s and Hydro test.

Tank Size (cuft) Air Nitrox up to 36%
6-49 $8 $10
50-80 $9 $13
81-100 $10 $14
>100 $11 $15

Custom Blends (Nitrox > 36% and trimix blends)

Proper certification cards must be presented for custom fills and tanks must be cleaned for oxygen service.  This service is not walk-in, while-you-wait fills.   There is a $25/tank minimum fee for custom blends.
Aviator Grade Oxygen $0.60 / cuft
Research Grade Helium market price
36% Nitrox $0.30 / cuft
Blending Fee $5 / tank
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