Boat Policy

Our job is to make sure you are safe and have fun on your dive adventure. As such, passengers should be aware of these policies.
Wilmington NC Sea Turtle SCUBA Diver Photography
The boat is there to transport all the passengers and their gear. Since there is limited space on the boat, passengers should also limit how much gear they bring. Each passenger is allowed two main tanks, which may be in the form of two single tanks or one set of doubles. In addition, each diver is allowed to bring one pony/stage bottle no larger than 40cf. Occasionally we may run a tech charter or a three tank charter when more tanks are allowed per diver. This will be specified in the charter notes. Otherwise, normal rules apply. Lately we have seen divers bring large big plastic tubs or cases on the boat full of all their owned dive gear. While these cases are great for storing and transporting gear, they don’t work well on the boat. There is not room for every diver to bring these big tubs. We’d look like a container ship. Therefore, we ask that you be courteous to the other passengers on the boat by only bringing your necessary dive gear in a container/bag that is easily stowed. Each boat is equipped with two large coolers stocked with ice and water. You are welcome to put personal items in these coolers. If you want to bring your own cooler, please limit the size such that it will fit under your seat. There are some items that are not allowed on our boats, such as firearms, illegal drugs, and personal GPS’s. If you are found with a personal GPS, the Captain has the right to confiscate, delete all way points and routes, and hold it for the remainder of the charter. This includes cell phones with built in GPS. Now that the gear thing is out of the way, let’s talk about diving. Even though North Carolina diving is some of the best in the world, it may not be what you’re used to. One of our past instructors phrased it like this “Cayman diving is like going to the zoo, NC diving is like going on safari”. We allow diving where you are limited in bottom time to the no-decompression limit or your gas supply. If you plan on diving an extended bottom time, it must be cleared with the Captain and preferably with the shop staff when booking your charter. We try very hard to accommodate every diver, but it has to be communicated with the crew. If extended diving is allowed, the second dive must be finished at the same time as the other diver’s. Most importantly, be safe and have fun. C-Cards will be collected on the boat by the crew and returned at the dock. Unless you are Jacques Cousteau, you will not be allowed to dive without a certification card. No exceptions! If you show up without a c-card, you will still be responsible for the cost of the charter and may ride on the boat.
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