Inshore Underwater Hunter Course

The PADI Distinctive Speciality Inshore Hunter Course

You will learn how to safely hunt wrecks, ledges, and piers around the shores of North Carolina.

The Fun Part

Spearfishing is exhilirating, challenging and rewarding.

What You Learn

Learn the tips, tricks and ways to

  • target species desireable for eating, include flounder, tautog and sheepshead.
  • safely hunt them with a speargun and/or polespear
  • tidy the fish you take
  • preparation techniques for good tasting meals.

The Scuba Gear You Use

You use every the basic scuba gear. Depending on what type of diving youll be doing from the ship, you may also desire to use a dive light, a lift sack, a dive flag/float or other specialty gear. You will need your own speargun or polespear.

All gear is available at Aquatic Safaris.


Must be a PADI Open Water Diver 16 years of age with 20 logged dives or Advanced Open Water certified.

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Class: Dates & Times: Instructor Cost: Space


Minimum age 16 years.  Private classes on a case-by-case basis and are subject to a surcharge.
Equipment provided by student Student is responsible for providing their own SCUBA gear or can rent from Aquatic Safaris and a polespear or speargun.
Provided by Aquatic Safaris
Emergency first aid and oxygen kits during check out dives.
Charters provided by Aquatic Safaris
Two tank charter to inshore fishing destination.
Course cost $185 per student, includes inshore charter.  Your payment secures your class spot and gets you the learning materials.
Required books & materials None
Additional expenses NONE.  Maybe a tip for the boat crew.

Your Next Adventure

You can fine-tune your underwater hunting skills and expand your range by taking the Offshore Underwater Hunter course.

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